A clear vision of the leader you want to become or of how best to handle your leadership challenges is as essential to sustainable business success as communications skills and knowing how and when to apply them. The process of orchestrating these essentials analytically, consciously and creatively, while consistently involving all the relevant stakeholders, is what I mean by Strategic Communications.

I use a variety of powerful tools to support you to develop your vision and compile your personal story which will bring it to life in a holistic process tailored to your specific needs. The starting point is an honest diagnosis of the status quo. Deep immersion and research into yourself as a role model for your team and all other stakeholders and into your own personal leadership challenges will launch us on a journey. Our destination is an integrated communications scenario in which storytelling, personal reflection and engagement will help make a lasting impact by forging an emotional bond, a strong and a sustainable relationship between the challenge, the stakeholders and you.


Strategic communications and authentic storytelling
Change and Crisis communications
Executive coaching
Onboarding and offboarding to a new leadership role
C-level positioning and reputation management
Media and public speaking training
Brand communications


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I’m wise, so I am changing myself.”

It sounds as if my fellow-countryman, the Persian poet, mystic and scholar Rumi (*1207), would have made an impressive leader in the business world of today. It’s all about awareness and relationships; the willingness to embrace the new…

Realizing that it takes courage, openness and curiosity to transform yourself, while your role, your career, your organization or your industry are going through transition, is the first step. And trusting someone to accompany you on this journey is the next big leap.

As I see it, seeking support is a sign of great strength. Familiar with huge leadership challenges from my own extensive experience as a senior leader in multinational corporations, I can customize the coaching process to your personal needs and the organizational dynamics. This way, I can offer you the best possible support in your personal transformation, not least by helping you to leave your comfort zone.


Amongst other techniques, my coaching process incorporates Gestalt Therapy and is based on the power of Relational Coaching. This puts you, the coachee, at the heart of the coaching process, generating a relationship that is both productive and effective. In what is a collaborative and communicative learning process, Relational Coaching drives change. It calls for an openness on your part and a willingness to become more self-aware. At the same time, by offering you a safe reflective space, it roots our joint efforts firmly in the present tense to discover what matters most while producing tangible insights in a timely way.

I love to work in open, trusting relationships where my focus is on strengthening your ability to communicate effectively, to unveil your authentic self as a resource, and to relate to your stakeholders from a new perspective. It’s a recipe for success in your professional life.

I find this very rewarding, and I believe that you will too.



It’s always about change, when things become, let’s say, more interesting. Three decades of international experience in communications and marketing have taught me that the challenges or crises caused by change – or by the need for change – are invariably also opportunities for growth. As an organization. As a leader. As a human being.

As someone who was entirely at home in corporate life, having held senior leadership positions with multinational corporations in transformation − including Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Bertelsmann and Philips − I bring to the table profound insight and understanding of the tough moments that both companies and leaders face in times of change. This extensive experience has given rise to a fascination with analyzing what makes for good leadership. I am convinced that our ability to connect, to create strong, enduring relationships and to build trust holds the key to success − both personal and professional. And with this in mind, I decided to turn my passion into a profession.

In 2009 I launched my own business specializing in Crisis Communications and Strategic Communications, before expanding my portfolio to include Executive Coaching. I delight in being able to connect my fascination for communication with my passion for the personalities of people and brands – all critical success factors in business − delivering a competitive advantage for my clients.

Thanks to my intercultural heritage and skills, entrepreneurial mindset and intimate familiarity with my clients’ corporate environments, I’m ideally placed to relate to executives of various backgrounds as equals, coaching, advising and empowering them to navigate the VUCA world with clarity, focus, ease and stability, leading to sustainable results.

If you’re truly interested in exploring how to better identify and leverage your full potential, how to boldly master change, how to discover what is as yet unsaid and become more aware of your leadership ambition, let’s connect for an initial honest conversation. I look forward to meeting you. Just drop me a line.


Born in Germany, raised in Teheran, educated in the UK and Germany, fluent in German and English, happy in French and Farsi, my spiritual home is located somewhere in the n+1 stages between the efficient Western sobriety of my German self and my Oriental abundance of emotion, all enriched and tempered by my international business experience.

I work from my offices in Munich and Berlin.



Munich / Berlin, Germany



Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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